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- My Identity - 

I'm an open book. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. One of my philosophies is that it's important to know your therapist in order to trust them. However, in our sessions, the focus should be on you. So I'll give you a snapshot of some key parts of my identity:

Cis-Gendered Male, White, Gay, Middle-Class, 36 years old, Catholic Upbringing/Currently Agnostic bordering on Atheist but with a huge appreciation for all spirituality.

These are just parts of my identity, but they have impacted my perspective. As a systemic thinker, we will explore your identity while taking into account our differences.


Who is Frank?

I'm just a guy from Scranton, PA, who spent over a decade living in Asia working as a teacher, restaurant manager, and fitness instructor/running coach who then transitioned back to the US (Philadelphia) during the pandemic. I love eating out, hosting gatherings, playing tennis (and most other sports), traveling, beaches, watching reality tv (not so guilty pleasure), happy hours, impromptu social outings, and cuddling with my puppy (Bekki). 

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Why Therapy?

I've always loved people. I love being around them, talking to them, and learning about their experiences. When I worked as a personal trainer, I enjoyed helping clients attain their physical health goals, but I realized that what was more important to me was connecting with them. From there, I decided to transition from working on physical health to mental health. 

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