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Therapy for Who?

Individual Therapy

Each of you are unique. I'm here to work with you to make an individual treatment plan that addresses your own goals. Whether you are dealing with anxiety, depression, trauma, relationship issues, or just on a journey to become the healthiest version of yourself -- I'm here for you.

Couple Therapy

Relationships are hard. It's a fact. At least, I think it's a fact. But we can work together to uncover the patterns and underlying issues that have gone unaddressed for months (...and years). There may be a lot of hurt, but if you're willing to give yourselves a chance -- let's work it out!


As someone who is a part of this diverse community, I recognize that sometimes it may be difficult to find a therapist who fully understands what you are going through. My aim is to use genuine curiosity and empathy to connect with you as you bravely traverse this wild little world we live in.

Adolescents / Family Therapy

Being a kid is has lots of challenges, and sometimes it's difficult to feel like you're being understood. My job isn't to fix you but to listen to you. Additionally, as a systemic therapist, I believe it's important for adolescents and their caregivers to both be a part of this process in some way -- which we can explore as we navigate our sessions.

My Approach

I'm not that stoic, serious therapist you've traditionally seen portrayed in movies/tv shows. I smile, I laugh, I frown, I may even gasp (insert gasp!). But I'll do my best to always make you feel safe and supported. I'm just another human who, like you, is looking to connect and grow. 

At Can I Be Frank Therapy, I believe in taking a down-to-earth, relatable approach to therapy. I'm not the expert on you. That's you. But sometimes it can be helpful to have someone hold up a mirror that might shine light on a different angle. My goal is to make you feel seen, heard, and understood, and also to provide a fresh perspective on any struggles that you're working through.

My Approach
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